Originator of the Casabona Technique using adipose derived stem cells and platelet rich plasma specializing in surgery for lichen sclerosus, vulvodynia and vulvar atrophy.

Dr. Casabona has over 25 years experience in esthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery


Dr Francesco Casabona is a third generation physician native of Genoa, Italy (1964). His father and grandfather were prominent Genevese Obstetrition / Gynecologists. He attended the University of Genoa Medical School graduating in 1989 with a Surgery & Medicine Degree and in 1994 with a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Degree. Dr. Casabona also speaks English and French.



Dr. Casabona is skilled at these surgeries and procedures:


  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)/Adipose Derived Stem Cell Treatment
  • Skin Rejuvenation with PRP
  • PRP Hair Treatment
  • Lipofilling
  • Wound Care

  • Face
  • Breast
  • Body
  • Liposuction
  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers


  • Lichen Sclerosus can be difficult to diagnose and manage. Skin problems of other origins can resemble LS and vice versa. Dott. Casabona has stayed the course with me for several years as I have worked through inconclusive initial diagnoses. He exhibits intelligence, charm and wit and is responsive and available from 6,000 miles away! The Casabona Technique, which Dott. Francesco Casabona was first in the world to develop, harvests a patient’s own platelets and fat, PRP/adipose stem cells, to treat women and men with LS, allergies and scars. Dott. Casabona works with me to individualize my treatments which are integral to rejuvenating and minimizing damage to my skin from LS and the rotation of adjunctive topical medications. His expert surgical skill and confidence allay concerns about having the procedure. I am kept comfortable and have minimal pain or downtime following the Casabona Technique. I feel very fortunate to have found this Italian doctor!

    U.S. Patient

  • I am first in the world to receive treatment originated by Dr. Francesco Casabona. Since childhood I suffer from lichen sclerosus, LS. From the memories of my mother, the first signs date back to about 1/2 years. For a first diagnosis I had to wait many years and I have consulted several specialists.

    After years of treatment (with corticosteroids and progestins) LS had stopped, waking suddenly at age of 25.

    After no response to treatment that was prescribed to me and worsening of the disease, visible typical signs of LS, my dermatologist advised me a visit to the specialist plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Casabona.

    Indelible in my mind is his first visit, very detailed and meticulous. Years later and after several encounters Dr. Casabona acquired a preparation on the disease ever more advanced and complete with a high level of proficiency also due to his passion for medicine transmitted to him by his father also a doctor-gynecologist.

    Getting back to my experience as I said shortly before, I returned to a state of serious LS, advanced stage. Dr. Casabona suggested using autografts adipose-derived through lipostructure and intra-dermal infiltration of platelet-rich plasma. After a brief reflection I started intervention January 2007.

    After the first intervention followed two others in the same year and the situation stabilized. My child Lorenzo was born in 2012 with a cesarean section. Today I live peacefully, although the LS unfortunately is still there. In the spring of 2015 I expect to undergo surgery for tissue maintenance.

    I am grateful to stem cells and all doctors who use it well, especially Dr. Casabona for the professionalism, competence, preparation, assistance, care, kindness, sensitivity, availability and punctuality always shown towards me.

    Would also point out that his experience in this field to date is the highest you can find! From the first surgery, of which I have been a part, to date he has performed large numbers of surgeries bringing the expectation of a normal life in me and many other people.

    I wish all of you to get better, and I hope in the research regarding the cause of LS. I express my congratulations and sincere and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Casabona. I can be happy and proud to have started as first patient in 2007 the way to experimentation and healing.

    Italian Patient

  • I’m an American but I found Dr. Casabona’s information through the UK LS association. From the first moment I spoke to him, he put me at ease. His knowledge and intelligence was immediately clear, as was his kindness. He didn't overpromise anything, and was very plain about what the LS treatment entailed. This initial phone conversation gave me the courage to fly from NYC to Italy for my first treatment last November. For this initial treatment I had PRP only, and achieved a very good result. My symptoms ceased, color returned to the area, and a small patch of the scarring improved.

    In the hope of further unraveling the LS, I very recently had my second treatment. This time Dr. Casabona removed a small amount of fat from my stomach through liposuction, and injected the fat into the atrophied areas, along with PRP. It’s only been a couple of weeks but again, I have had none of the LS itching, burning, and swelling, symptoms that I have suffered for many years before treatment.

    It’s too soon to say how much improvement I will get from this second treatment, but either way, I can’t recommend Dr. Casabona more strongly. He has been performing this treatment for seven years, is a leading world expert in LS, and cares deeply for his patients. I have access to excellent doctors in NYC, but I have never met a doctor as devoted to their patients as Dr. Casabona. His professionalism and discretion is unparalleled in my experience. He somehow really gets what LS patients are suffering, and genuinely wants our suffering to stop. I wish everyone with LS could see him for treatment. 

    U.S. Patient


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